Thursday, January 17, 2013

 Hello everyone! My name is Kimmie Huynh (pronounced Hun). I am an Integrative Biology Major studying for pre-med. I decided to take this course because I thought that it would be very interesting, as well as helping me with my own major. I find it interesting to learn how things have evolved and adapted over time.

The first blog that I found was about drug resistant bacteria. The blog talks about how doctors and patients were both responsible for the evolution of drug resistant bacteria. Doctors for over prescribing antibiotics, and patients for not always finishing their prescriptions for the antibiotics. The blog also talked about how antibiotics are given to livestock to expedite growth, and it is causing new strains of E. coli that humans are now contracting. It just goes to show that people need to be more educated and responsible for the things that they do.

The second blog that I read was about the natural selection occurring today. In the first reading from our textbook, there was a section that talked about how 'ancestral women' experienced 150 or less menstrual cycles in their lifetime. While today a women will experience 350-400 menstrual cycles within her lifetime. These jumps in estrogen levels are having negative effects on women, sometimes causing breast or ovarian cancer. The women of today’s world are working women. Which means that pregnancy is often times postponed until a women is near the end of her child-bearing years.

The final blog that I read was about methlyation deserts causing 'neurocognitive disorders'. It talked about how doctors were able to pinpoint likely spots for mutation and are also able to link that to disorders. I find these studies extremely interesting. Because diseases are always evolving, it is a world where there is always something new being discovered.



  1. Hi Kimmie! Just a quick note that you provided blog *posts* rather than *blogs,* which is what the assignment prompt requested. I'm just letting you know for next time.

  2. I was wondering why estrogen levels have increased in women?