Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Blog, All about me

Hello all! I added this class two weeks late, so therefore I am late with this introductory post. My name is Jaquta Box, but many people call me Jay. I am a Community Health Major (Health Administration Health planning).  I am taking this class because I decided that one-day I will work for the CDC, or the World Health Organization and I thought this class would give me a little insight on Human Diseases, and evolution. I’ve been interested in medicine since I was 14 years old, and any class that will expand my knowledge about disease, the human body, science, and medicine is for me. I am hoping to expand my knowledge about medicine, evolution, and diseases, not only in America, but in areas all over the world.

List and links to three blogs that are relevant to this class…

Blog #1
Pain and Surgery in the early 1900’s

Blog #2
Why alternative medicine is winning out against conventional (Chemical) Medicine

Blog #3
Antibiotic resistance bacteria

The following blog really caught my attention, and it moved me and I will explain why…

Blog #3
Antibiotic resistance bacteria

This article really touched my heart, and this is one of the reasons why I’m interested in medicine.  Knowing that medicine that we have developed over the years, not being able to work on basic bacterial infections is scary! Before we created all of these drugs via medicine the mass population was dying from bacterial infections such as pneumonia, and a lot of post births infections. Streptococcus pyogenes has been the main cause of death before the creation of antibiotics. Now that more bacteria is becoming resistance to antibiotics, we may start seeing an increased rate in deaths among individuals from a disease that once was easily treated. I wonder if this bacterial disease became resistance to antibiotics, will these bacterial diseases be considered viral? This moved me because I would like to research all forms of diseases, it’s origination, prevention, Tx (Treatment), Dx Diagnosis, and so forth. I do have an understanding of the saying, “The survival of the fittest”. With  this saying in mind, I realize that bacteria is a living thing, and it will continue to evolve, and adapt to its environment just like every species. As bacteria is evolving, and trying to survive, I would like to do the same with the human race. I would like for the human race to adapt and to survive all forms of diseases, and maintain our dominance, and survival on earth. 

This article  make me remember to stay healthy, do proper hand cleaning, and realize that as we as humans adapt, all living things will do the same, or die. 


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