Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Blog!!

Hi Everyone! My name is Anais and I am a sophomore; majoring in Anthropology with a possible minor in Chemistry. I am taking this class for a few reasons: it is interesting, my family, and professor Clancy. My family had a long line of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Heart Problems, so I wondered what I could find out or basically what pops up about health in the class. I have also been told from other professors and advisers about Professor Clancy’s work and what she is doing and I was really intrigued.

Here are some blogs that I found that are surprising, yet interesting nonetheless:

The blog that interested me the most was about how red hair is going to become extinct.  I have definitely heard people say “Did you know that redheads are going to become extinct?!” with percentages, information, and other sources to back them up. Although I have heard about the topic, I have never actually read about in depth. From the blog I found out that red hair is a recessive gene, as well as a mutation, and it just be less frequent that people will have natural red hair but the trait will not go extinct! I found this so interesting because it deals with how genes can give a person something as simple as red hair but also could pass on something as complex as a disease. It reminds me on how things we once knew one day, could change the very next day, which leads to so many people being misinformed about many things when it comes to health, science, medicine, and other categories. It is definitely an interesting topic to look deeper into. 

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  1. Hi Anais! Just a quick note that you provided blog *posts* rather than *blogs,* which is what the assignment prompt requested. I'm just letting you know for next time.