Thursday, January 24, 2013

Searcher response to blog post

In Maddy Thomas's post, she makes an excellent point about the use of the Body Mass Index as a poor indicator of health in children- or anyone for that matter. As a future teacher, I know that the health of my students is important to their role in the classroom. The rising rates of obesity in children is an important societal issue that is shedding light on either weight issues in kids. I can remember in high school being obsessed with my BMI and questioning my doctor as whether or not I was healthy. This web link addresses many of the same points my doctor addressed when she talked to me. While this scale may serve as an okay "rough estimate" of weight to height ratio it isn't specific enough to indicate total health. With the term "health" evolving quickly in an ever changing society and far different than what our ancestors would consider healthy the common use of this scale definitely speaks volumes about our lack of perception on the matter.

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