Sunday, February 17, 2013

"First Reader"- SES Socioeconomics Status

        I never really thought about a race controlling a socioeconomic status (S.E.S.). The race that seems to be “controlling” the S.E.S. is the Caucasian male. How they determine this I do not know. If because the president is African American does that give African Americans a little more control over the S.E.S. as opposed to an African American being the C.E.O. of a large company? In the article (Dressler Et Al 2005), it says research has said that a person’s socioeconomic status can be determined by their race and ethnicity. Of course this is not the same for every case, but I feel like most situations I guess it is true. Then again I guess it just depends on where you are. If you are on the west side of Chicago I believe this to be true in most cases. I believe a socioeconomic status can be determined by someone race because a socioeconomic status is developed due to someone’s education, income and occupation. In Chicago the education system is not so great. Teachers have to become more involved in managing the students’ behaviors as opposed to teaching. Most people living on the West-side also have low incomes or not so good/illegal occupations.  But I have lived in Evanston as well and the same judgments cannot be made. In Evanston education is better and African Americans that live in that area are not in as bad of socioeconomic standings. This is because the education is better there as well as most African Americans that live in Evanston have a decent incomes and occupations. With that being said the statement that socioeconomic status can be determined by race, I think, depends on the area   

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