Thursday, February 28, 2013

Searcher: Sitting Ourselves to Death?!

     In class this week we have been discussing the bodies allocation of energy and the adverse effects that energy expenditures can have. I have found THIS article exploring how humanities gradual shift away from regular physical activity can be creating a predisposition for deadly diseases. What we call white collar jobs center entirely around being seated at a computer for a good portion of a day. Normally, this would not necessarily be detrimental because physical activity could still be easily integrated into the remaining free time, but coupled with shifting trends in activity budget allocation combined with technological advances, this shift in lifestyle could become a very real problem.
     The problem begins in the work place, as the demand for more affordable goods and services is on the rise companies must increase productivity. This increased workloads final resting place is often squarely on the shoulders of the grunt employee, which leads to a more stressful day at the workplace. Upon arriving home, already physically and mentally drained from work, the average employee will be less than motivated to allocate for the needed physical activity. This combines with media sources, mainly the internet providing media such as netflix, facebook, and reddit, that are far more appealing to a fatigued individual than a bout of calisthenics. I find this to be an interesting situation we have placed ourselves in, it is interest how evolutionarily we came from daily physical activity yet have dedicated much of our resources to removing this from our society. However, I am confident science will prevail as people realize that sitting around is no good for you.
     I especially like this article because it lays out a chronology of how our lifestyle has shifted over the last several hundred years. I find it interesting how quick many were to eliminate physical activity from their daily life, I understand the motivation behind choosing to view lolcats as opposed to getting sweaty and tired, but anyone with observational skills can see that ones physical prowess decrease. However, I feel that until it is socially unacceptable to be lazy many people will continue to choose a sedentary lifestyle.

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