Sunday, February 24, 2013

Obesity and being Active: First Responder

                I really found the articles I found this week really interesting. In the Lee article it proves that inactivity really does cause diseases or leads to health problems. In the Pontzer article it described how the Hadza are a hunter-gatherer population yet they exert the same energy that Americans do, and it challenges that inactivity leads to such problems as obesity. I do believe the Pontzer article was a good counter argument but I feel it is leaving out some major differences. The Hadza are a hunter-gatherer tribe, yes, but the foods that are eaten between Americans and the Hadza are completely different. Americans tend to eat more processed foods and sweets and foods that are just not good for you, whole the hunter-gatherers are eating more natural forms of food and not foods that are full of sugar. As well as the difference in technology is also a big factor. Americans have machines, cars, gadgets, and other items that make their lives easier. Hunter-gatherers have to do much more manual labor with their food, with cutting the meat, and picking and planting. All the effort the Hadza put in to their form of living has a lot of physical activity, possibly more than Americans. Many there is a connection that Pontzer notices but I feel leaving these things out leads to the downfall in the argument.

                To me I agree more with Lee. I feel people don’t really try to put exercise or physical activity into their schedule. But I also feel this is due to the complexity if stress and all the daily things a person has to do, which leads me to think id it is even possible to have a really busy schedule, family, and have time to be active. 

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