Saturday, February 9, 2013

Research Proposal for Breast Cancer

Research Paper Proposal
Date: February 8, 2013
To: Prof: Clancy
From: Stacie Roberts
Subject of my Paper: Breast Cancer
Why I am writing this paper and how will it benefit me? I am writing this paper because I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor, and I would like to a more research on diet, exercise, leading innovations of research. In addition I would like to increase my knowledge about environmental causes of research, looking at different ingredients in food that may be hazardous to your health, and chemical toxins in household products that may attribute to the onset of breast cancer in women.
My Thesis Statement:
Breast cancer is preventable, and it is not a death sentence.
Approach to the subject of my paper:
·       I will show different viewpoints from many scientists who have been researching and trying to find a cure.
·       I will also plan to schedule an interview with my own Oncologist on the latest methodologies in breast cancer.
·       Researching articles, medical journals, and websites
 (Scientific Science & Google Scholar)
·       Schedule meetings, study time with partners, deadlines, rehearsals, and timelines
·       5-8 slides for each subject
·       Check status daily with partner
·       Pictures of preventative medicine
·       Images of stage 3 breast cancer
·       American Association of Cancer in Champaign
·       Organizations in Champaign that offer free assistance, support groups, free hair apparel (hats, wigs, scarfs)
·       Chemotherapy
·       Radiation & radiation cream
·       Diet & Exercise
·       Side Effects from Chemotherapy & Radiation
·       The combat after Chemotherapy & Radiation
·       Living as a cancer survivor
·       Make a list of questions and start to research answers (2-4 days)
·       7 subjects (5-10 slides); Preventative Medicine, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Diet, Exercise, Future Innovations & Research, Cells Structures, Assessing Lab Information
·       2 hours a day dedicated to researching data
·       Oral Interviews (depending on doctors schedules)
·       Meeting once a week for 2 hours to discuss research information
·       Add 5 slides a week
Kinds of resource I will use:
·       Google Scholar
·       Scientific Science
·       UIUC Library Resources (articles)
Intended Audience: Everyone – because breast cancer affects everybody
Finding answers to Questions:
·       Who, What, When, Where, and how do breast cancer occur?
·       What are the signs and symptoms of possible breast cancer?
·       How does diet and exercise affect breast cancer?
·       Is breast cancer preventable?
·       What’s the short and long term effect of Chemotherapy & Radiation?
·       What’s the survivor rate for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer?
·       Is breast cancer hereditary, genetic, or environmental?
·       How can estrogen be a good thing and a bad thing for women?
·       What are the stages of breast cancer?
·       What are the types of positive receptors?

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  1. Stacie, this gets posted on the Moodle site, in the assignment in week 4.