Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stress and Depression

While stress in many cases can lead to depression; everyone is affected by stress differently. There are some genes that show some people have a higher chance to fall into depression than others. While research is still being conducted we can see that there are a variety of things that can play a role in depression—especially an elevated C- reactive protein (CRP). This article talks about some of the most common reason/triggers that lead to depression. It mentions that in most cases there are common triggers of depression when someone is turned down, we do not accomplish a goal in life and experience a loss of a loved one. This could shine some light on questions about depression that had been unanswered before; we could see from the study in the article the ones who took medication coped with the loss better than a person who had not. The experiment did not cover all aspects thou because there  there are some people who could go there whole life not being depressed and just dust themselves off and keep going. I believe it has to do with the type of environment that you grow up in that has to the way you manage stress and what stress can do to a person. From my experience, I've noticed if you grow up in a stressful environment you adapt a way to cope with stress and see it as a normal part of life than from those who lived in a limited stress environment in there adolescent years.

Link to article:Researchers Take a Closer Look at the Most Common and Powerful Triggers of Depression

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