Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Respondent - Chronic Diseases Are Anything But Simple

                Chapter 19 was a chapter that cleared up information for me. I know diseases are complicated and this just proved how complicated and why. I never knew the form of how diseases are caused, which was interesting, and so many factors can come together and cause a disease but to find the main cause is the hardest part. Reading the chapter I could only think about how when someone is in the hospital and there are misdiagnosed, no cure for their disease, or when the causes of the symptoms are unknown and families or patients are SO MAD!! They don’t understand why a doctor isn’t doing their job or why it takes so long to get answers, and I feel like sometimes people don’t understand how complicated the situations are, even though medical advancement has come up so much from previous years.
                The saying of “Too much of a good thing is bad,” is also something that popped into my head. The chapter also talked about how some things seem to help prevent or reduce Atherosclerosis, but who knows what is going to happen when someone takes too much of those good things, something else in their body can be effected. It always seems as if something can go wrong so finding a good medium of staying healthy and not going doing things that harm your body in any sense is complicated and not accessible to everyone.

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