Thursday, March 28, 2013

Responder:Inducing Birth

I can definitely relate to Andrew in the sense of never really paying attention to a women’s process throughout pregnancy and labor. Yes, I do believe that women should have a choice in what type of birth they would like but I feel that women have drifted their ideas of having a natural birth because of the horrific depiction shown through the media. Andrew brought up a valid point stating “people have been giving birth without the assistance of modern medicine since the existence of humanity” which was never an issue neither in third world countries until the industrialization and modern medicine which claims to be the safeties—when truly it isn’t. I felt as if the article and blog Professor Clancy had written gave a different and deep understanding of what women should really understand about hospital birthing. It was an eye opener to see that hospitals see child delivery as a business and when the fetus is not ready to come they induce the mother with medication that can harm both the baby and the mother. While the mothers aren’t really informed that it is safe for the child to not be born on the due date because of the baby occupying the uterus to get its full supplement and feel safe. I believe that women should raise the awareness of natural birthing and also the options of not artificially inducing a women but the various natural ways such as “nipple stimulation” or so fourth.  This has definitely mad me understand that birthing a child isn’t as complicated as media makes it seem but rather it is a natural and beautiful thing when not complicated.

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