Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[Searcher] All things Progesterone

Progesterone plays an enormous role in woman's health. No wonder it is being studied, investigated and worked with so much. Here is a few medical studies from pubmed related to this week's topic worth checking out:

Progesterone + cervix screening is a promising way of preterm birth prevention.
This method has proven to be effective and relatively heap.

A non-hepatoxic way of female hormone therapy through Progesterone Receptor Modulation
Pill hormones tend to hurt the liver, and progesterone is no exception. This study has proven how modulating a target receptor rather then directly stimulating it is a safer option for hormone therapy.

Women seek for feminity signs when their progesterone levels are high.
During menstruation, woman seem to look for comfort.

Sodium Fluoride decreases female hormones significally
This chemical is a common additive to toothpaste and causes damage to female reproductive organs.

Electrically switchable polypyrrole film for the tunable release of progesterone.
A new advancement in hormone therapy field: progesterone can be dispensed from a polymer, with release being controlled by

All of these are recent and demonstrate great advancements in medicine; let us hope this trend keeps up.

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