Friday, April 5, 2013


After reading the article about aging I had many ideas come to mind. The one that struck me most is the fact that women go through menopause reason being natural selection. It was surprising to know that humans are born so early that they have to be dependent on their parents for a long time.  Therefore since menopause is onset around a certain age group it increases the survival of the mother and grandmother so that they can care for their offspring. I feel that menopause is displaced in our modern environment since child mortality varies on the place the fetus is born.  Though there s a higher chance for a child to survive if their mother dies giving birth now because there are relatives and if not others to care for the child. I also found it interesting that size and life span were correlated.  Since smaller animals like insects don’t live long due to extrinsic mortality and other reasons. I feel as if it isn’t that accurate because there are some beetles that live up to 40years, so I feel that it all depends on the environment the species live in. Therefore, they life expectancy depends on the species and environment as well as the parenting .

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