Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Respondent: “How To Heal”

The readers learn early in the chapters that the process of infection via microorganisms is a subtle issue. It’s remarkable to learn about evolution through every form of life, from the smallest to the biggest organisms. What’s even more amazing is to learn about organisms that are naked to the human eye. The transmission process of the microbial is perplexed and the invasion/infection process varies depending on the individual. As seen in chapter 8, “Some are sick for days, or become hospitalized, whereas others are mildly ill for only one or two days”. Cara mentioned her sister-in-law being ill from the flu, and though she wanted to treat the, “Inconvenient symptoms of the flu”, I think it is also import to let incurable bacterial diseases to run its course by allowing your body to heal naturally.

Even though Cara’s sister-in-law was trying to go back to work as soon as possible, it is important to note that the symptoms of the flu can be masked, but the virus will still be in ones body. Going to work with the flu virus signs and symptoms masked can easily be communicable, and a hazard to others. 

I agree with Cara 100% when she discussed the fact that the, “closer contact with animals and people, the setting of towns, and changes in diets are all factors that increase the spread of disease”.  Working in a health care environment 36 hours per week, I understand the importance of hand washing, universal precaution, sterile technique, and anything that can protect the patients, and healthcare providers from spreadable disease.  I agreed with the chapter (under How Pathogens spread) that there is a huge possibility that, “It can be a caretaker who carries germs from one sick patient to a well person”, but I disagree when they used an example of, “one needle stick being used on one sick patient then used on a well person”. As health care provider who has done multiple, “needle sticks” since age sixteen, I have never stuck another patient with someone else needle (nor have I heard of another nurse of doctor sticking a patient with another patients needle). The act of sticking one patient with someone else needle is unacceptable, and the health care provider that did the act need to be reprimanded for their incompetence.

On the other hand, future epidemics, and pandemics are very likely, and feared. With the world health organization, Center of Disease Control, Researcher, medical Doctors hopefully the world will be safe enough so that infections will not kill a third of the population. But I think since we as a society overuse Antibiotic, we may see an epidemic or pandemic that claims a third of the population’s life, due to resistance to these important drugs. And we should remember that some drug help ease the symptoms of viruses, and bacterial infections but not cure (viruses in particular).

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