Thursday, April 18, 2013

Searcher- Casual Sex

                I found an article on Google Scholar that explains the effects of casual sex among students in college. It relates to the topic we brought up about many different mating systems. Casual sex was described as sex without any commitments. The article constructed a survey and found that most people involved in casual sex are friends and also found that the friend aspect of casual sex leads to depression. Men were less likely to get depressed during casual sex than women. I was not sure if this is considered polygamy or serial monogamy. This kind of topic brings up another point that was brought up in class about pathogens. Casual sex with multiple partners may soon lead to STDs, for the more casual you become the less protection you use. A friend from my grammar school experienced the downside/upside (depending on how you look at it) of casual sex and ended up with a baby at 14. Luckily he had a baby instead of gaining a STD; however, it was life changing as you may imagine and he is struggling to make end meet as we speak. Casual sex and polygamy I think should not be ideal for most men and women for the after effects could be more negative than positive. It may lead to a baby with someone you never thought of be in a relationship with, but now you are bonded with that person forever whether you like it or not and it may also lead to the gain in pathogens. In the end it can also lead to emotional problems such as depression as mentioned before so better to me committed than not.

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