Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First of the year

Hello, fellow blog reader!

My name's Vladislav Ekimtcov, but you can call me Vlad for short. I'm enrolled at UIUC and pursuing a Business Financial degree. To satisfy a General Education requirement for this Spring, I've decided to enroll in ANTH 249 (Evolution and Human Disease), a course heavily concerned with relation of society and body function. While it is indeed unusual for a Business major to pick a medical-anthropological course, the decision was made naturally - my interest in medicine passed on from my mother has influenced me into picking this class in no way related to my major.

Seeing how this blog is going to be primary about medicine, I guess it should be noted that these are quite common thanks to science being driven out of common publications. A simple Google search reveals such blogs as  Practical Bioethics, The Healthcare Blog and Cases Blog. The latter is my personal favorite - it provides a great blend of personal cases, PSAs, health satistics, medical research and so on from all over the Internet. Among them is this story of a young cancer patient, which I personally find very disturbing because of the tragic story of the patient and the detail she describes her condition.

Such is my first post. Stay tuned for more!

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