Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Psychopathy in Our Modern Culture

My name is Jazmine. I’m a sophomore majoring in accounting and I’m taking this class to fulfill a general education requirement but also because I’m interested in human diseases and their causes. This is probably due to the fact that I have always had an awful immune system, plus I come from a family (and ethnicity) of nurses and doctors. I think it would be more interesting to learn about evolution and human disease from an anthropological standpoint as opposed to a more technical, biological/medicinal standpoint.

Three blogs relevant to ANTH 249:

-The Anthropologist in The Stacks
-It’s Okay To Be Smart (Anthropology Section) Blog (Anthropology Section)

In the Smithsonian blog, there is an article titled, “The Pros to Being A Psychopath”. This article interests me not just because Anthony Perkins’ Psycho is the article picture, but because in the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot more discussion on psychopathy that presents some really interesting facts. Most of this discussion re-defines what a psychopath is apart from the stereotype. The discussion also includes the place of psychopaths in jobs around the global community and how their personality status impacts their societal contribution. Specifically, many [clinically defined] psychopaths are working as CEOs, which can explain the corruption that business and finance are known for. Of course, as someone going into business, I’m especially interested in and aware of this aspect. As this particular articles states, some occupations such as that of soldiers are perfectly suited for people with psychopathic traits.


  1. Hi Jazmine! You may want to check your links -- it looks like you may have done them incorrectly. Messing around with them now will help you greatly for future assignments!