Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Genetic link found in Depression

As talked about in class and in some posts, stress and depression have a special link. I got really into the topic of depression. I found an article about how depression may be linked to genetics. Scientists have supposedly found a chromosome that linked to sever recurrent depression; other forms of depression are still under question. It turns up that both genetics and environmental factors are thought to be the development of depression, but it was just discovered that genetics has a greater impact on depression than the environmental factors. This got me thinking about how in class we were talking about if depression is an adaptation, as well as the other two topics, and what if people cannot avoid going into depression since it is in their genes? They have a higher risk and are more susceptible to falling into depression and it is not really a defensive mechanism that the body puts up but it triggered? How will this change our view about depression after the points made in class?

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