Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Stress?

Good Stress
I have never heard of this term until Wednesday’s class. I thought all stress was bad stress and this article cleared my ignorance. Good stress is described as something that we need in order to live a healthy life. Without good stress life would not be as exciting and would leave a lot of people unhappy. The key to finding good stress is doing things that make you fell alive and happy. Some good stress activities are: Roller coasters, and first dates, etc… Too much good stress can be bad and cause chronic stress problems. The advice from this article is to be in tune with yourself and know when enough is enough. Good stress is a problem with thrill seekers. These people can never stop looking for something that excites and causes them to be full of adrenaline.


I was wondering if professional athletes or even other professionals who perform in front of a crowd suffer from chronic stress. They are playing a sport that they love and I am sure some still get nervous before games. With that being said, they must have their adrenaline running almost every night. On top of that the professionals also have to deal with the bad stress of things like paparazzi and usual stressors like family. I wonder what percentage of professionals that perform in front of a crowd suffer from chronic stress


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