Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Respondent: To Exercise or not to Exercise

This is a response to Alicia Lee's post about the miscorrelation between the two articles required for reading this week. I read the articles as well and had the same confusion: why would one article say that it is important for us to implement more physical activity, while the article says that hunter-gatherers have the same TEE as western populations. Most of the things that were said in her blog post I agreed with. 

This is in reference to "Hunter-Gatherer Energetics and Human Obesity." Maybe the reason why we have the same TEE (total daily energy expenditure) as the Hazda hunter-gatherers is that Westerners have higher energy intake and Hazda's have higher physical activity per day. The Hazda's physical activity keeps them fit and lean, but their physical activity is not enough to keep them fit. Physical activity, along with a good diet, are required in order to be fit. If you exercise everyday but continually eat junk food, then it offsets the effects of working out everyday because you're regaining all of the calories you lost working out. I suppose this also ties in with the "7 Myths about Physical Activity," since it is a myth that physical activity is enough to keep a person healthy and fit. 

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