Thursday, February 28, 2013

Responder: Is Exercise Everything?

I agree with Sarah Kempel’s findings on the first reading (7 Myths) but I happen to disagree with her opinion on the second reading (Hunter-Gather).  The 7 Myths article discloses an argument that coincides with a slight increase in activity and a decrease in sedentary activity would help steer an individual towards the right direction of being healthier.  As well, the article about hunter gathers more supports that ancestral activity is less likely to be full of strenuous activity and more adaptive to intermediate or less than intermediate activity.  The second article is placing the focus on the presumptions of ancestral activity and denouncing the held belief that earlier hominids had a metabolism that was different from ours that helped to offset the low calorie intake and the high-level of physical exertion.  The article is not placing emphasis on the fact that modern humans have sufficient activity to maintain their health levels.  I do agree though that both conversations were interpreted in this article. 

After class this Wednesday I was thinking about the correlation in non-sedentary lifestyle and health.  I reviewed some people in my life that I have interacted with that I would consider visually unhealthy but have been deemed healthy as well as the opposing.  This does hold so truth with these experiences and I would consider that sedentary lifestyle is inversely proportional to overall health.  My mother, whom is 61, probably has a BMI a few points above 25 but she has no cardiovascular problems.  This is probably because she’s lived with my father on a farm for 40 years.  She maintains the yard and tends our garden which is considered good forms of exercise.

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