Thursday, March 14, 2013

Researcher: Natural contraceptives and birth control

While this week we read about methods of contraception, menstrual cycle and abortion, I found the topic of natural contraception very interesting. With political figures are trying to outlaw abortion it rises a concert about what ways a person could possibly go about abortion for a child that is unwanted, not planned or the person not being financially stable. I know it is important for women to use birth control in order to not become pregnant but they fail at time and become pregnant. I always have been interested in natural medicine and find it fascination to know that there are natural ways to prevent pregnancy while not using birth control. As in the article Women know something you don't the writer wrote about her grandparents not have more than one child in a decade. It is not common in many where birth control is not available. The links provided talk about natural herbs that have been used for years as natural contraceptives. It provides reasons why natural hers are just as efficient and at times better than birth control and why spacing children is better for women to replenish their health and nutrients before baring another child to prevent death and actually planning the birth of a wanted child.

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