Thursday, March 14, 2013

Researcher: Birth Control and Menstruation

The topic of contraception and menstruation is an interesting topic for me. I know that main reason why women get their periods have to do with sexual maturity and the reason most women take birth control is to not get pregnant. I though that not having your period is basically a plus and that is what other people wanted, and I never thought that since the reason of women not wanting to get pregnant means that periods aren’t really necessary. There are also different methods of birth control so I was wondering if that has anything to do with the amount of periods a person gets will on birth control and if the affects the chance of pregnancy.
Based on all the information I found, it turns up that the periods are different with different methods of birth control. Then based on the information on how many people still get pregnant on all the methods, it seems that more frequent the periods are the more people tend to get pregnant. Again, I feel like there are other factors that attribute to this, like if the method was taken correctly, and there is nothing found that really had that. But I really wonder why the periods change if they all have the same purpose while on birth control? Or if there is a purpose then maybe it can be fixed?

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