Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Respondent: Birth Size and Obesity

I am responding to the article written by Raia on obesity and diabetics, and it was centered around insulin secretion and responsiveness. This topic is correlated with the information from chapter 17 and the PAR model (predictive adaptive response).

The PAR model states that babies that are born small in size tend to have lower muscle mass, greater fat mass, and more abdominal obesity. Thus, this model explains that this is due to insulin resistance of the muscles while in their mother's womb. Insulin is increase in the body to compensate for the resistance of a hormone. The hormone releases sugar from the blood quickly, this leads to individuals becoming hungry again after eating a meal. Consequently, this leads to overeating, which leads to obesity.

I found this article was very informative and educational. I did not realize that being born small in size could perhaps lead to obesity. The information given by Raia, could perhaps be of some use to the individuals who are predisposed to being overweight.

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