Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Searcher- Obesity still not for me

    Speaking honestly I have no interest in gaining weight and being classified as overweight in order to live longer. First of all, that it would be extremely hard given my body type and fast metabolism. Secondly, I am too active and end up burning a majority of the calories I take in. Lastly, I would not be able to do the things I enjoy most such as being extremely active.  

    The article I found talks about how obese people live longer, but weighs in on the negative side of obesity and how it is hazardous to health and can lead to joint problems and/or diabetes. After hearing about the positive effects of obesity in class and that the article mentions I still would not wish to be obese because I could not enjoy doing the things I enjoy most of all. I enjoy playing basketball and being one of if not the quickest guy on the floor. That is a quality I am sure not most obese people have.  Sure obese people may live longer, but I wonder who lives the better life an obese person compared to a healthier person. Life should be more about quality not quantity. People should be more focused on how well they are living their life, rather than how long they live it. Some people who are considered obese may be satisfied with their health conditions and that is fine; however, I think most would rather not be in the category of obese.


  1. I really appreciate your honestly, Elon. I think what's important to recognize about the weight/health literature is that the issue that is bigger than a person's absolute weight is how they got there. So obesity isn't necessarily a bad thing if a person is healthy, active, and genetically more naturally suited to a higher weight, but a lot of weight gain to achieve obesity might not be great because the process of weight gain (just like with weight loss, as we've discussed in class) is stressful and throws the body out of homeostasis for quite some time.

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