Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Searcher: A New Battle


While reading through this week's chapter readings and previous blog posts by classmates, I became interested into the topic of oral contraceptives, also known as "the pill". I came across this article titled “BirthControl: Could it be Illegal Again?” by Adam Cohen on This article talked about how the debate of abortion has been going on for decades, but now a new battle has emerged. This war is over birth control and if insurance companies or the government should have to pay for it and even if birth control should be legal. Even though this article doesn’t talk about the health/biological aspect of oral contraceptives, it talks about the position birth control is in in today’s society and government/ politics which I believe is important to know.  In today’s society, condoms are being handed out for free at clinics, and many young women are taking birth control pills, sometimes not even to prevent pregnancy but to decrease acne and the frequency of their menstrual cycle. In other words, oral contraceptives are very accessible these days. It is hard to say who is winning and both sides are not backing down. Opponents of birth control such as “Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, warned that if birth control is too readily available it could destroy America. ‘ If we let our birth rate get down below the replacement rate, we’re a dying civilization’ King said” (Cohen).  Opponents are trying to not let the government fund birth control. One New Hampshire lawmaker said “If you want to have a party, have a party, but don’t ask me to pay for it” (as cited in Cohen).
What do you think about this debate? It is very similar to the pro-life and pro-choice debate, but one might believe in pro-life but also be a supporter of birth control. Personally, I believe that birth control is being too easily accessible these days. I believe that the government should not fund birth control, but rather be a personal duty. If one wants to have sex, they should buy it with their own money. I also believe that there should be more strict rules and age restrictions and such. This is just my opinion… if you have any other, please reply :]

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